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Preparing for and working through customs audits, Focused Assessments, and taking advantage of the US Customs & Border Protection Importer Self Assessment (ISA) and similar Programs

Our firm’s “FAR” Program helps companies avoid penalties and establish procedures that are required by, and acceptable to, U.S. Customs & Border Protection.   Most importers over the next few years will go through compliance audits developed by Customs known as “Focused Assessments.”  Customs describes this as a “risk-based approach to audit.”  It begins with a review of internal controls (policies and procedures).  Next, Customs tests transactions to ensure internal policies and procedures are practiced.  If results are deemed “unacceptable,” a "Focused Assessment” can result in an expansion of transaction testing and possible enforcement action by Customs.

Customs encourages companies to assess internal controls, test transactions when weaknesses are identified, and conduct an internal compliance assessment prior to the Customs Focused Assessment. Our FAR Program is modeled after Customs’ Focused Assessment.  Like Customs, our firm will review internal policies and procedures, evaluate compliance, identify weaknesses and  test transactions.  If weaknesses or errors are identified, we will provide you with specific (not “boilerplate”) recommendations for improvement, and we are often also able to recommend cost-savings opportunities. In addition, if warranted, we file prior disclosures for underpayments, thereby avoiding hefty penalties. 

The time to address compliance is before, not after, a Customs Focused Assessment.  Our FAR Program is the most cost-effective way to approach company-wide customs compliance.

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